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Marine Ready Aquariums


We have selected the following packages for their popularity and suitability to many applications.

These Marine Ready Packages include the acrylic aquarium with a black back, natural wood stand and canopy, wet/dry filtration, external pump, plumbing and fluorescent lighting.

For a limited time these package prices include FREE local delivery and set in place when you mention this web promotion. Of course some restrictions may apply like, going up stairs, difficult or obstructed access. Feel free to contact us for details.

These marine ready packages do not include coral sand, salt water, decorations, or any advanced filtration options. These are basic residential grade filtration systems that will certainly support aquarium life, however there are certain upgrades available to enhance the aquarium environment. Feel free to contact us for details.

Available marine ready packages

80 gallon cylinder - 27.5" x 28.5" - $4530.00 +tax

135 gallon Bow front - 60" x 20" 24" - $4366.00 + tax

120 gallon rectangle - 48" x 24" x 24" - $2795.00 + tax

180 gallon rectangle - 72" x 24" x 24" - $4050.00 + tax

240 gallon rectangle - 96" x 24" x 24" - $4763.00 + tax

300 gallon rectangle - 96" x 24" x 30" tall - $5390.00 + tax

460 gallon ultra aquarium - 96" x 30" x 36" tall - $7970.00 + tax

Arrangements can be made for Custom Marine Aquaria aka to do the plumbing and life support installation as well as supply the other necessary items to be ready to stock with marine life. The marine ready packages do come with complete instructions for the handy do it yourself person as well.


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